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WHO IS LINDA MOBLEY-JIGAINE....Linda Mobley is an attractive woman in her late-forties with a teenage daughter and a life full of experience, pain, love, laughter and healing. Her experiences are brought to life in her book Blessed With Cancer as she tells the story of her cancer survival and the blessings God brought to her during this most difficult time in her life. She also shares how her love and commitment to her young daughter gave her the strength and drive to stay alive. As she shared her story with friends and families, she was told over and over again to write a book. She was asked to share her story and provide hope and encouragement to others facing similar life-threatening battles with cancer.

WHAT IS LINK THE PINK....Link the Pink was created to provide a means to fund raise by Linda Mobley in March 2011. It is an organization that links with businesses and other organizations to embrace people in need. The idea and name of Link the Pink came from a high school senior project developed by two 2011 seniors, who didn't have cancer themselves, but had a passion to educate and help others. They raised over $800 by selling individual paper links for a dollar, which was donated to Peacehealth - Southwest Washington Medical Center.

PURPOSE...Link the Pink's purpose is to make the quality of life better among people with cancer and other disabilities. Link the Pink also gives opportunity to those that would like to give back by giving cash donations, volunteering or donating items for the "Bags of Hope". See LinkthePink on Facebook for the latest upcoming events and opportunities in which you can become involved.

Read about a dynamic author and friend, Linda Mobley Jigaine, who has been blessed by the Cleaning for a Reason foundation. Linda has been a true inspiration to us at The Cleaning Affair.

Visit her page on Facebook to hear more about Linda's story or purchase her book, "Blessed with Cancer": at

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